real estate rebateUse Charleston Homes For Sale Realty as your Buyer’s Broker and Advocate to get the most savings when buying just about any New or Resale Home in the Mount Pleasant area.

Through research and negotiations we can help you get the best deal including price reductions and other concessions from the seller. Even in the current Seller’s Market, we should be able to save you a fair amount off the asking price, plus we offer you a Home Buyer Rebate equal to 50% of whatever we earn from the Seller through the Realtor MLS offer of Compensation.

The Home Buyer Savings estimates below include savings expected through negotiations with the seller and the 50% Commission Split, aka Home Buyer Rebate offered to you as a Credit toward your closing costs. All such Rebate are subject to Lender Approval which is usually not a problem. However it is a good idea to check with the Lender to see how the Rebate and best be credited to you to offset you closing costs so you keep more of your money at closing.

$200,000 - $250,000$ 6,800 to $14,750
$250,000 - $350,000$ 8,500 to $20,650
$350,000 - $500,000$11,900 to $29,500
$500,000 - $650,000$17,000 to $38,350
$650,000 - $800,000$22,100 to $47,200
$800,000 - $950,000$27,200 to $56,050

If you are not already under contract with a REALTOR® or Home Builder, you can submit the short form below and receive a Real Estate Rebate Offer on any specific home you may be interested in.  Your information will go directly to Jay Rogers, the Owner and Broker Charleston Homes For Sale Realty. It will not be shared, and you will not be Spammed. You will have your Rebate Savings Offer within one business day. Thank You!

Real Estate Rebate Estimates